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Conservation Management Network

Photo Gallery

Land Restoration Bus Tour 13.9.15 Land Restoration Bus Tour 13.9.15 Buloke Woodland at Fenton's Ck A beautiful Buloke woodland at Fentons Creek, now protected by a Trust For Nature Covenant as part of the Kooyoora Connections Project. Bush Heritage?s Jeroen van Veen told us that the property, now separated from adjoining grazing land, holds one of only a few good quality stands of Buloke in the area. 199766270 Nest box monitoring at Hard Hill, Wedderburn A nest box made by Wedderburn Mens? Shed and mounted 3 metres up a Grey Box trunk. Anthony Gallacher demonstrated how to use the LPLN?s new nest box monitoring camera, which has a light and is on the end of a long pole. Nothing but leaf litter seen this time, but the camera will be available to use in a new monitoring initiative in 2016. 199766271 Eucy Harvesting site, Old Boort Rd Old Boort Rd where the WCMN, with the Green Army, has been restoring an old eucalyptus harvesting site. Michael Moore showed us how the dense Blue Mallee monoculture has been broken up by wide strips ripped along contours, mulch laid along the strips and seed of various species planted. It is a first step to recreating a biodiverse habitat for Malleefowl 199766272 Mt Buckrabunyule wheel cactus eradication At the base of Mt Buckrabunyule, where in recent years the dreaded Wheel Cactus has taken hold. Wychitella District Landcare and the Green Army, supported by Loddon Shire and LPLN are attacking Wheel Cactus with increased resolve. 199766268 Mt Buckrabunyule It was remarkable to see the before and after effects of Cactus stabbing (with glyphosate) on either side of the road. 199766269