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Conservation Management Network

Photo Gallery

Malleefowl Festival 2011 Malleefowl Festival 2011 Mavis the Magical Malleefowl getting ready for the festivities 160227484 Mavis delighting local kids 160227485 Mavis getting to know the locals 160227486 Mavis getting her beak tweaked 160227487 Local kids getting down to the Malleefowl Boogie 160227492 Keeping the beat during the Malleefowl Boogie 160227491 One of many Awards Presentations on the day 160227488 Mask Competition Winners - Cirque du Soleil eat your heart out! 160227493 Malleefowl Sculpture Competition Winners 160227494 Kids making shadow birds on a photo of a Malleefowl mound 160227495